Vision Statement

Throughout my work in clinical psychology, developing countries, and engineering, I am consistently frustrated with the gap between the people receiving a service and the people who design the service. Donors have little knowledge about how their donated medical equipment breaks down in Africa; clinical psychologists have few objective methods to evaluate change in their client’s mental health; engineers develop innovative products intended to help people but do not complete the circle by evaluating whether the products actually help the intended individuals.

I believe we can better these poor experiences by providing new ways for institutions to recieve quality, rich feedback on the experience of their product or service. If we can decrease the gap between designer and people’s experience, products and services can be improved. This would provide a solid basis for new, quality innovations that lead directly to people having happier, more fulfilled lives.

I hope to develop new methods and technologies to help people express their experiences – helping organizations become more empathetic and inspiring people to design new, better experiences for individuals. In addition to making new tools, I plan to develop quality ways of measuring the effectiveness of these new tools: how good are these tools at measuring experiences?